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About us.  The Law Offices of Marc H. Richman was founded in 1972, in Dallas, Texas and has been an integral part of the Dallas County and North Texas legal community ever since. Marc Richman and Ben Barton have practiced law together for 35 years in the same office, across the street from the George Allen Courthouse, in the “Legal Arts” building at the corner of Jackson and Record streets. In 2010, Marc and Ben were joined by Thad D. Spalding, and in 2012 by Katherine A. Compton. These four attorneys work closely together, combining their years of experience and individual expertise to provide the client with the very best in legal advice, counsel, and representation. The Law Offices of Marc H. Richman is a small firm and, as such, is able to provide each client the individual attention he or she deserves.

Consultation.  The lawyers at the Law Offices of Marc H. Richman are available to discuss your legal matter with you.  Often, problems can be resolved without retaining an attorney, and in our office, we are not afraid to tell you when you do not need a lawyer.  When a lawyer’s representation is crucial, we will tell you that too.  All the while, however, we will keep in mind the big picture, which is what is best for you and your needs.  And, if you have a problem that is outside our expertise, we have a number of tried and true sources that we can refer you to so that you do get the expertise you need.

Communication.  Essential to any lawyer-client relationship is the element of communication.  Just as the lawyer should be able to get in touch with his client whenever it is necessary, the client should be able to get in touch with his or her lawyer.  At the Law Offices of Marc H. Richman, we pride ourselves on our communication with the client and do our very best to make sure the client is given a clear road map at the beginning of the representation and all along the way until the matter is concluded.  As litigation progresses, often the landscape changes.  This requires constant communication and re-assessment of strategies and the goals of the representation.  The Law Offices of Marc H. Richman strives to make sure the client is informed through every step of the representation.